Thursday, September 30, 2010

Layers. :)

HEY FELLOW READERS. I'm currently on vacation in Christchurch, New Zealand. It's strange not coming back after 5 years. Everything is really laid back and all I've been doing is walking around the place exchanging smiles and hi's to other random pedestrians. :P This outfit was taken the morning after I got off the plane. NZ was so much colder than I thought so I layered up all my clothes cause it was so cold that morning.
This outfit was really comfortable cause all the clothing was soft and
Sorry I haven't been posting regularly... I'll try and continue once I get back to Melbourne which will be next week. :)
Leggings: Farmers
Bracelet: Diva
Ring: Diva
Purple Jacket: C.C
Patterned Cardigan: Aquabella
Black Dress: Tightrope
Scarf: Rubi

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Really. Cheap. Stuff. @ Cotton On.

My favourite everyday store for clothes is definitely Cotton On. :D Even though heaps of people say the stuff here is bad quality, it's really cheap, and keeps you up to date with the latest styles. I like to have a large wardrobe, but I'm not exactly the richest kid in town, so Cotton On is awesome. :)

Anyway, so I was there the other day, and I came across a few sale items for $2. The RRP values for all of these were $19.95, and so you could say that I bought things that were 90% off. :)
In this pic:
Cotton On Body Scarf - $2
Cotton On Leopard Print Top - $2
Cotton On Pink Skirt - $2
Typo Letters (XOXO) - 4 for $15
Tights - No idea where I got them and how much they were. LOL

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I may have written a post about harem pants a while ago, but now I have found myself something else to adore and they are of course harem shorts! I didn't even know they existed until about a few days ago, when I was browsing through a few cute boutiques in Sydney, and saw the most gorgeous shorts I'd seen. I should have taken a picture of it, but I forgot to, so I'll just explain what it looked like. The mannequin wearing the shorts was also wearing a plain blouse with a cardi and some jewellery as well a belt. The shorts were obviously the highlight to the outfit since they were the only garment with colour, and pattern. Unfortunately when I went to check the price of these shorts, they were WAY TOO dear, and I was really sad that I couldn't buy them. I guess thats why that particular boutique store had a huge sign saying closing down. If it was just that bit cheaper, I would have had enough money to buy them. So, as I mentioned in my last post,I'm gonna go make my own pair of harem shorts. :D And also, don't even bother trying to search for harem shorts on google because all their results look nothing like what I am trying to describe. I already checked. :P I should stop blogging now, since I have heaps of homework to do, and I haven't even gotten my books out of my bag yet. GOOD NIGHT. ♥

- `cassie.. "|