Monday, October 18, 2010

Things randoms do when they are bored on the holidays

I made this dress a while ago in the June-July holidays, but I completely forgot I took pictures of my final piece. Until now.
My grandma had bought me heaps of fabric from China when she went back, and I thought these two colours looked the worst, so ironically I decided use both of them to make this dress. Somehow in my brain, I thought that if you put the two colours together, the colours cancel each other out and end up looking nice together. Turns out I was wrong. After countless minutes of reading sewing books to find out to make a 'gorgeous' dress, I gave up. Instead I decided to go rogue and just use my imagination and logic to build my dress. I was so proud of myself when it finally looked something close to a dress and I showed my mum. She just laughed (probably thinking, god she's gonna fail if she ever wants to continue her dreams as a fashion designer).
Anyway, tell me what you think.