Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a nice cloudless day in Sydney. :)


So, I've been in Sydney for the last week and a bit, and it is AWESOME! Really nice people, good tourist attractions and of course great shopping. :D I've been going shopping in search for the best places and decided to make a list of places that are the best (not including the touristy things, like go to the sydney opera house and blue mountains, even though they were AMAZING.).

I have split these places and tips into 2 very seperate catergories: Expensive and Cheap.

-Queen Victoria Building. It's got all the designer stores you want to go to as well as a few really nice souvenir shops. Great Aussie designs including oroton, country road and mimco are on this street. Plus, the building itself wonderfully constructed with delicate carvings throughout the whole shopping centre.
-George Street, Darling Harbour. This is the glam spot of the city. Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, you name it, can all be found on this street. It's located really close to the Harbour Bridge, which makes it a perfect spot to just relax and start swiping the credit card.
-The Rocks Markets. Really nice boutique styled clothing and food are sold here. Not too expensive, like Chanel and Gucci, but most clothes are in the 3 digit numbers. These markets are open on weekends and are located pretty close to the harbour bridge, which could be another good spot to go spot by and relax. If you decide to go there, try the good as well. Tastes delicious. :)

-Paddy's Markets. Expect to find REALLY REALLY REALLY cheap stuff here. But be careful, you have to search pretty hard to find a really good outfit. It's kind of like shopping in an op shop, except the clothes are new. And look forward to use your bargaining skills (my bargaining skills failed, but cool people can make it work. :) )
-Bondi Junction. Well this place isn't really "cheap as chips" but I love it. It's a really big shopping centre with absolutely any awesome store in it. :D If you're planning to go shopping there, be ready to have your feet hurt by the end of it.

Anyway, Hope this helps. :D
Love ya lots.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My favourite picture from tumblr.

From about the 2000 posts I've posted on tumblr, this is ultimately my favourite. How cute is this picture! The girl dresses so simply, and I love the hat which gives it that finishing touch to a perfect summer outfit. This dress is one of those classics that never get old. The Eiffel Tower in the background is perfect. :) I wish I could go to Paris one day and see the eiffel tower first hand, because most of the pictures I've seen of the eiffel tower are all wonderful and romantic.

If you took this photo, I'd just like to say, YOU ARE THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. :)