Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My favourite picture from tumblr.

From about the 2000 posts I've posted on tumblr, this is ultimately my favourite. How cute is this picture! The girl dresses so simply, and I love the hat which gives it that finishing touch to a perfect summer outfit. This dress is one of those classics that never get old. The Eiffel Tower in the background is perfect. :) I wish I could go to Paris one day and see the eiffel tower first hand, because most of the pictures I've seen of the eiffel tower are all wonderful and romantic.

If you took this photo, I'd just like to say, YOU ARE THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. :)


  1. Amazing photo! The outfit is so chic! Thanks for sharing the picture. I really like your blog. I am now following it, looking forward to your updates.


    -Brent Billiman

  2. aaahh yes.. it's so captivating, lovely and just wonderful!! :D great photo indeed :)

    Animated Confessions


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