Sunday, January 30, 2011

lipbalm meets blueberries

So today, I made some home-made lipbalm. Although the end product wasn't exactly spectacular, the process of making it was heaps of fun!There are hundreds of different recipes to make lip balm on the internet. Most of them need beeswax or vaseline. In my home-made lipbalm, I used vaseline, honey, blueberry juice, vanilla essence, orange peel and chocolate. :)

Love Cassie,


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Thursday, January 27, 2011


(david lawrence knit, diva ring, cinnamon dress, scarf, rubi heels)
I wore this outfit out shopping a few days ago. :) Really comfy, and warm enough for 'cold' summer days. The scarf was one of 50 I got from China the last time I went there. If you ever go to China, go to the wholesale markets and get a dozen or so.They are really cheap! :D I recently found this cinnamon dress hidden under all the trash in my closet. It is a children's dress, designed to be like a maxi. I decided to edit it a bit, by cutting off the straps, and expanding the width of the bust. In other news, it's rather disappointing the southern hemisphere's style is always half a year behind from the northern hemisphere. For example, leather shorts are one of the 'it' items in the U.S and U.K at the moment and they are getting sold in all the leading stores, however here in Australia, you can't even find leather shorts sold anywhere. ): It's as if they don't even exist.
Anyways, my awesome friend Amy has just started a new fashion & beauty blog. She posts tutorials, outfits and heaps of product recommendations. :) If you like, check out her fashion blog: :)
Til next time,
Stay Gorgeous! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

One More Week

(Diva Ring, Diva Choker, Mimco Watch, David Lawrence Knit)
So I've started having an obsession with this ring I got the other day from Diva. It was a part of the 4 for $10 deal as well. :) I absolutely love how chunky it is and the bright colours give it a playful feel.
Til Next Time,
stay beautiful! :)
love cassie,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guess Giveaway!

So at the beginning of 2011, one of my goals was to get 100 followers on blogspot by the end of the year. I was (and still am) shocked to believe I achieved this goal in less than a month into the new year. So basically followers, thank you all so much for making it happen. :) As a little gift, I'm going to be giving away a Guess boxed giftset including a lipstick case and a key ring (RRP $75.00 AUD/$100.00 NZD to one lucky reader. This giveaway is open to everyone from anywhere in the world. :D

For one entry to win all you have to do is follow this blog via iGoogle Connect.

For additional entries (completely optional) to win, you can:

1. Follow my blog on bloglovin (1 entry)

2. Post a link to this blog on your blog or Facebook. (2 entries)

Comment below with your name, email address and blog (if you have one). Also if you have done additional entries, please let me know in your comment as well. If you have posted a link for my blog, be sure also tell me the link so I can check. :)

Competition closes on February 25th 2011. The winner will be drawn and announced on February 27th. He/She will also be notified via email. If the winning candidate does not reply to the email within 3 days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn.

Best of Luck!

Love Cassie,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have a crush on you. :)

(Jacqui-E top, Mantalini Skirt, Diva choker necklace)

So a few days back, my friend and I went shopping and saw Diva was having a huge 4 for $10 sale. We each bought a whole bunch of things including this really really pretty choker I'm wearing in these pictures. :) The RRP of this choker was $39.95 so I was stoked to get it for only $2.50! Anyway now it's definitely my favourite necklace and I've been wearing it almost everyday. :)

On my nails I'm wearing the Color So Hot it Berns (Red) O.P.I nail polish my friend got me the other day. Being a first time O.P.I user, I've gotta admit it is much better than other nail polishes I've used before.

Til next time.

Stay Gorgeous.


Love Cassie.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

O.P.I nail polish

As you may notice, I absolutely love cute adorable small things. A friend recently got me this really cute set of O.P.I nail polish. :) They are in these really small sample sized bottles and in amazing colours: Colour So Hot it Berns (Red); Lucerne-tainly Look Marcelous (Metallic Silver); Yodel Me on My Cell (Blue) and a RadiDry Top Coat.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dotti Design Competition.

Hey Guys! :)
I bought this really really really cute Dior miniature set of perfumes. This one (shown above) is by far my favourite. I just love the bottle and it has a very fresh floral.

Anyways in some other news, I've entered a monthly competition at Dotti to design a pair of pants or leggings and the winner's design gets to be sold throughout Australia and New Zealand in June/July 2011. It would mean the most if you could so kindly take your time to check it out. If you like my design, I would really love it if you would 'like' the design, via Facebook Connect. You can read the commentary I wrote about the design on this page as well (Just to let you know, I was half asleep when I wrote that commentary so the sentences may sound a bit sloppy and there's even a typo in there. Unfortunately they don't let you edit unlike blogspot.) You can view my design through this link:


What did you think?
Really Bad?
I would love to know.
I won't bite your head off if you tell me it's horrible so feel free to comment about what you thought of the design below. :)

Thanks so much,

I really appreciate it!

Love From

Sunday, January 9, 2011

hot and cold

(Jacqui-E silk top, black temt shorts, vintage checkered jacket, white scrunchie <-- i love my schunchies. )
If you lived in Melbourne, you would know how the weather is seriously unpredictable. One moment its boiling, reaching the high thirties, and next thing you know it's pouring rain and cold. Because I'm such a lazy kid I usually can't be bothered changing into warmer clothes so I just pull on a jacket. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

self timer.

(vintage shoes, supre shorts, espirit cardigan, vintage necklace, dotti top, black scrunchie from equip)
So I've done a bit of shopping these past few days, with all the sales going on and further reductions after New Years. The supre shorts I am wearing in these pictures were on sale for only $15. I really love high waisted shorts and pants at the moment.
I've also started loving scrunchies. They are so comfortable and better yet, they don't pull out your hair like elastic hair ties. They also look really cute as a bracelet... well much better than any other hair tie. If you're like me, I love to have a hair tie close to me when my hair is out, just incase I get annoyed of my hair down.
Anyways stay gorgeous. :)
Love Cassie,

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Twenty Eleven is gonna be a year full of: Shopping,

Countless eating and drinking,

Cute things,

And stalking randoms in creepy laneways. :)

2010 was such a crap year for me. When parents used to say, 'High School was a nightmare,' this was the year I really started to understand what they meant. Friendships split, hearts got broken, bitches got bitchier... and so much more.

I made a few New Years Resolutions. One of them is to become reconnected to my tumblr, which is .. In July last year, I was addicted to tumblr, it was basically half my life. I posted something every 15 minutes for a month... got a heap of followers.. and then i stopped. :) This year, I'm hoping to try again with tumblr.. maybe queue three posts a day, and let the rest do its magic.
Another one is obviously to post more frequently on blogspot. I'm aiming ( but not definitely ) hoping to post about 4-8 times a month.. depending on whether I'm busy or not. And this time, I'm hoping to post more pictures that I took, not ones I found on the internet somewhere. I would love to get more attract more followers.. so if you're reading my blog and thinking whether to follow, please do. :) It would mean a lot to me. And yes I am not one of those people who think they are too cool to follow you back. (Haha sorry I stole that line off someone elses blogspot.) If I get into the 3 digits (which is probably never going to happen) I will be SOOO HAPPY.
Finally, I want twenty eleven to be the year that I remember as the best year just the way I can remember twenty ten as the worst. I want to do epic productive things.. possibly sewing a bit more, and getting a job.. and maybe starting the online boutique that I'd planned to start this summer.. but couldn't be bothered. :)
Anyways, hope your year has started off on a high. Possibly tell me what your new years resolutions are.
Love from

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve. I myself went to Sydney Central to watch the fireworks. They were amazing. :D