Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love this.

I was browsing the net lately and came across this: THE CUTEST CHANEL BAG I'VE EVER SEEN. It is gorgeous, and I am in love with it.. If anyone feels generous and wouldn't mind buying me an early birthday pressie or a christmas pressie... -hint hint- ... you will be my new best friend! LOL jokes, I'm not that superficial.

Anyways I'm gonna change this blog into an open ended blog about anything I feel like writing. Which isn't that much. We've just moved up into year 10 and it's been pretty crap. The 'corrider' is 100 metres long (kay maybe like 50) and its so frustrating trying to find your class and getting there on time. I've also started an online boutique with my friend, Ellen. I'm not gonna go right into it now because it is not really up and running yet cause we've only made like 3 items.. We are planning to start selling in the summer holidays. :)

Dear #1 (I was gonna make it "A" but it reminds me too much of Pretty Little Liars.) - I do have a total crush on you. You may know it, you may not. :) And you probably won't read this cause you have better things to do in your life than to read some girl's blog. LOL.

"Three words, eight letters, say it and I'm yours."

Love Cassie.


  1. aww...cass i wished i had those black heels...they look adorable and not to mention awesome!:)

  2. YEAH I KNOW RIGHT! YOU SHOULD'VE BOUGHT THEM... even though they were about $200, hahaha :P


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