Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, a few days ago, I took a visit to my local news agency and decided to get a few magazines. And though I usually don't blog about magazines, this Vogue Australia March Edition is AMAZINGLY COLOURFUL and I was just so tempted to tell you that. Since its the March edition, its obviously thicker than usual, and has heaps of pages of inspiration and great (rather extreme) style.

Also, remember that Guess Giveaway I started a month ago? Well, it has officially closed, and the winner has been notified and will be announced once they reply, should take a few days, a week tops. :)

On another note, the Christchurch Earthquakes that hit the city on Tuesday, 22nd February 2011 have had devastating affects, causing many fatalities as well as leaving the city in ruins. As a rather patriotic kiwi myself and spending a fair amount of time growing up in Christchurch, this earthquake kind of hit home for me. My heart goes out to all the Canterbarians affected by the earthquake. One of the historical sights of the city, Christchurch Cathedral, had collapsed, leaving a whole lot of rubble and also burying many tourists and residents. If you would like to send your support, please donate via the following websites:


  1. The vogue is a great magazine :D
    one of my favorites :D

    xxx the mad twins

  2. yes it's really so *-*
    but my choice is Marie Claire ;)

  3. wow i agree and i love ur outfit :)

  4. That does look pretty colourful indeed :) Nice blog - i'm following!


  5. love the pic <3

    check out my new post :

    FashionGirl <3

    PS: i also have :

    -Formspring, ask me everything you want
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